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Order top-quality horse grooming supplies online including brushes, combs, shampoos, hoof picks and more.

7 Piece Grooming Kit

7 Piece grooming kit

Abetta 5 Piece Grooming Kit

Grooming kit with 5 very popular items.Color:Assorted

Abetta Mane/Tail Comb

Rugged aluminum comb with 20 teeth and a wood handle.

Abetta Poly Mane Comb

Sturdy molded plastic comb for manes and tails.Color:AssortedSize:4" X 2 3/4"

Abetta Scotch Iron Comb

Scotch comb with short steel teeth. And a wood handle.Size:6"

Abetta Spring Steel Curry Comb

Spring steel curry comb that quickly removes dirt and loose hair. Features 4 spiral blades and a poly handle. The head is reversable with coarse teeth on one side and fine teeth on the other.

Abetta Super Soft Brush

Ultra soft natural goat hair fiber finishing brush with wood block and nylon hand strap.Color:NaturalSize:7 3/4" X 3 3/4"

Abetta Thinning Blade/Hoof Pick Tool

This fine pocket tool features a hoofpick and a mane thinning blade.Color:AluminumSize:7" Open, 4" Closed

Abetta Thinning Comb

Steel thinning comb with a wood handle.Size:7"

Abetta Thinning Scissors

Stainless steel thinning scissors keeps mane and tail in good condition.Size:7"

Abetta Tub/Brush Package

This poly tub with lid is packed with 25 assorted brushes.Color:AssortedSize:18" X 8"

Abetta Youth Brush

Stiff poly bristle youth cleaning brush.Color:AssortedSize:6 1/2 X 2 1/2"

Absorbine ShowSheen 2-In-1 Shampoo & Conditioner

NEW ShowSheen 2-In-1 Shampoo & Conditioner deep cleans and revitalizes hair in one easy step. The sulfate and paraben free

Aluminum Mane Comb and Hoof Pink

Aluminum Mane Comb and Hoof Pick Combo.

Beastie Brush Body Brush

Beastie Brush Body Brush. Good mud brush.Color:AssortedSize:8 1/4"

Best Shot "Original" Ultra Plenish Conditioner

Dramatically repairs damaged coats for fantastic body and shine. Protein-enriched

Best Shot Equine Ultra Wash Shampoo

Naturally pH balanced in an oatmeal base

Blue Gel Groomer Massage Mitt with Rollers

magnesium rollers massage while grooming

Braiding Thread

Standard issue in top show barns.

Butterfly Palm Grip Coarse Curry

Available in teal/purple or pink/purple. JTW5463872JTS5463872

Butterfly Palm Grip Finishing Brush

Available in teal/purple or pink/purple. JTW5463842JTS5463842

Butterfly Palm Grip Mane/Tail Brush

Available in teal/purple or pink/purple. JTW5463871JTS5463871

Butterfly Palm Grip Medium Brush

Available in teal/purple or pink/purple. JTW5463838JTS5463838

Centaur Assorted Dandy Brush

Large dandy brushes with 1.75" medium stiff bristles. Available in assorted colors. Box of 12.Color:AssortedSize:Large

Centaur Large Dandy With long Bristle Brush

Stiff bristle dandy brush in fun colors!

Centaur Large Dandy With Short Bristle Brush

Stiff bristle dandy brush in fun colors!

Centaur Rubber Braiding Bands

Pack of 800 bands in a convenient plastic container. Perfect for grooming totes and tack trunks.

Coarse Curry Comb For Horses

The Coarse Curry Comb features Coarse Fingers that Massage the Coat and Loosen Dirt For An Overall Cleaning. It Removes Dirt and Hair When Used In A Circular Motion. It Aids In Shedding and Deep Cleaning. The comb features a Rubberized Grip that Provides Better Control.Color:BlueSize:2.5" x 5.25" x 8"

Contoured Groomer

Groomer that's contoured to fit your hand Big firm fingers and hand friendly design. This rubber curry really maximizes massaging action. Black only

Dermafas Medicated Shampoo

Skin conditions affect all horses from time to time. That's why DERMAfas came out with DERMAfas Medicated Shampoo to take care of skin conditions from rain rot to muck itch as well as dry and itching skin. Made by Horsemen for Horsemen. You will love the way this product clears up skin conditions quickly and a little goes a long way.

Equestria Sport 7-Pc Carry-Box Grooming Set

Carry Box Grooming Set! Set includes matching body brush

Equestria Sport Grooming Tote

Equestria Sport Grooming Tote. These grooming totes have a roomy center compartment surrounded by lots of pockets to keep grooming brushes and tools neat and organized. All Equestrian Sport Series brushes are durable and waterproof - perfect for wet and dry grooming

EquiRoyal Braidettes Braiding Bands

Rubber braiding bands make braiding mane and tail easy. Colors match mane and tail. Package of 500. Combs NOT included. JTW5250082

EquiRoyal Quic Braiding Value Pack

Small rubber bands for braiding horses manes and tails. Over 1000 rubber bands and a free braiding comb. JTW5273468

Equistar Body Brush

Soft bristle body and face brush. Genuine wood back with wed hand strap..Color:Assorted

EQYSS Micro-Tek Spray

After Washing with Eqyss Micro-Tek Shampoo

Ezi Groom Small Dandy Brush

With short bristles.

Face Brush

Face brush has soft 2.5 cm length bristles.

Fine Curry Comb For Horses

The Fine Curry Comb features Fine Fingers that Gently Clean and Massage Sensitive Areas Like Legs and Face. It Aids In Shedding and Cleaning. The comb has a Rubberized Grip that Provides Better Control.Color:BlueSize:2.5" x 5.25" x 8"

Gripfit Palmyra Brush For Horse Grooming

The Gripfit Palmyra Brush is a Classic in all respects. It Works well wet or dry and is Perfect for brushing up after a dusty ride. It is made with Natural palmyra fiber. It has a Dark brown web strap. Size: 1 3/8" trim. 7 5/8" x 3 5/8" block.Size:7 5/8 Inch x 3 5/8 inch

Groom Rake Wide Handle Long Tines

Long tine groom rake.JTW5510850JTS5510850

Groom Rake Wide Handle Multi Tine

Multi Tine Groom Rake.JTW5510852JTS5510852

Groomers Choice Braiding Kit with Belt

Just in time for show season! This 8 Piece kit has everything you need to create a neat an tidy braid job this summer. Features a suede leather pouch

Hair Finish Brush For Horses

The Hair Finish Brush Distributes Natural Oil While Removing Dirt from the body and face. Product is perfect for horse.Color:Blue/GraySize:2" x 0.75" x 0.5"

Hoof Disinfectant

Life Data Hoof DisinfectantBacteria and Fungi Assualt the Hoof HornLife Data Hoof DisinfectantTM is a safe and effective topical disinfectant clinically proven to kill the bacteria and fungi that cause hoof capsule problems. It is a tamed iodine solution that is delivered into the hoof capsule by a highly penetrating base of tea tree oil.Every day

HorZe Body Brush Medium

Basic body brush with short stiff bristles and a plastic back. Fits small hands.

HorZe Dandy Brush With Wooden Handle

Basic everyday brush with durable stiff synthetic bristles and a varnished wooden back.

HorZe Dandy Dust Brush With Wooden Handle

Excellent for removing dust. Long synthetic bristles.

HorZe Mane Plaiting Comb

Plastic comb; useful when braiding.

KBF99 Mane Comb Soft Touch

Designed to assist in the prevention of infection and re-infection from troublesome and painful diseases. KBF99 additive is rich in nitrogen molecules that carry a positive charge. Bacteria

KBF99 Plaiting Comb

Designed to assist in the prevention of infection and re-infection from troublesome and painful diseases. KBF99 additive is rich in nitrogen molecules that carry a positive charge. Bacteria

Legends Rice Root Wet Grooming Brush

From the Legends Series this brush is made with a kiln-dried

Legends Stiff Poly Pocket Grooming Brush

From the Legends Series this brush is made with a kiln-dried

Magic Sheen Polish

A unique blend of silicone and water that produces exceptional shine and a lustrous

Mane And Tail Comb For Horses

The Mane And Tail Comb features Easier Combing for Fewer Tangles. It is a Convenient Pocket Size. Use this comb to Separate Hair For Braiding Or Banding For Shows. It has a Comfortable Ergonomic Handle For Easy Grip.Color:Black/BlueSize:1" x 2.25" x 14.25"

Mane And Tail Comb With Ball Handle

The perfect addition to your grooming box! Remove those pesky tangles and leave the mane and tail silky. A basic comb with a easy to grip ball handle. Must have item for any barn.Color:PurpleSize:9"

Mane N' Tail Conditioner

Mane N' Tail Conditioner

Mane N' Tail Equine Strength Detangler

Detangler is for dry mane

Mane N' Tail Shampoo

Mane N' Tail Shampoo

Mane Thinning Kit

2 piece kit includes thinning knife and thinning scissors.

Palm Grip Collection Coarse Curry

Coarse Curry. JTW5467317JTS5467317

Palm Grip Collection Fine Curry

Fine curry. JTW5467315JTS5467315

Palm Grip Collection Finishing Brush

Finishing Brush.JTW546730868-931X

Palm Grip Collection Mane & Tail Brush

Mane & Tail Brush JTW5467311JTS5467311

Palm Grip Collection Medium Brush

Palm Grip Medium Brush.JTW546731068-932X

Pedoclean Gel

Mild cleansing gel for the hoof and frog with wheat-micro proteins and aloe vera. Gentle formula cleanses automatically with our without water. Made in Germany.Size:500ml

Perri's Aluminum Pulling Comb

A Necessity For Your Grooming Box.Color:Aluminum

Perri's Medium Bristle Brush/Wooden Handle

Great Grooming ItemColor:WoodSize:8" X 2.5"

Perri's Plastic Comb/Hoofpick

Hoof Care.Color:Assorted

Perri's Rubber Braiding Bands

These Rubber Bands Will Make Braiding Quick And Easy.

Perri's Shedding Blade

A Necessity For Grooming.Color:Brown

Perri's Soft Face Brush

Great Grooming ItemColor:5" X 1.75"

Plastic Curry Comb

Made from a soft translucent plastic with glitter. A must have for any grooming kit! Sold as each.

Poly Fiber Groomng Brush

Pony Express Pony Brushes - 6 1/4" Medium Crimped Poly Fiber Dandy Style Brushes. These brushes are great for keeping on hand ring side at shows, for small hands, and for bathing time! Come in lots of fun assorted colors! Free Display box when you order 12+ pieces.Color:AssortedSize:6 1/4"

Pony Brush

Nylon bristle with 6-1/2" wood block.

Roma Grabber Groomer

Roma Brand Quality. Products made from the finest materials with a complete line horse. Depend on Roma products for great quality and price.Color:Royal BlueSize:2pc

SEDONA Professional Grooming Bag with Cooler

Made of a 600 Denier material. This bag is made to carry all the grooming supplies with either the handles or the shoulder strap. Inside the bag there are different size pockets for many items and on the outside there are pockets as well. One of the best features of this bag is that at one end the bag is insulated for drinks and the other end is insulated for snacks and has a zipper. Measurements: Approximately 24" L x 10" H. Great item for horse shows or endurance rides.

Silverado Silver Shampoo

Silverado silver has optical brighteners that assist in giving your horse brighter whites

Slicker Wire Brush

The Slicker Wire Brush has reinforced wire bristles that remove mats and tangles

Soft Grip Flea Comb

Used for the removal of fleas from your pet's coat. For dogs with the following coats: curly

Soft Touch Mane and Tail Brush

Rubberized handle for added grip

Spring Steel Curry Comb

A staple in every grooming box.

Stiff Grooming Brush For Horses

The Stiff Grooming Brush can be used to brush off dirt and hair from horses. It soothes the hair and aids in cleaning. The Innovative

Stimulite Bath Mitt

Our Luxurious Bath Mitt Cleans

Super Bands Rubber Braiding Bands

Super bands are made from 100% quality virgin rubber. Super bands stand up to the harshest show sprays. Packaged in a large 1/4 pound bag. More elongation-stronger.

Tough-1 Assortment of Shaped Curries - 12 Pack

12 Pack Assortment of Shaped CurriesColor:Assorted

Tough-1 Medium Bristle Brush

Medium Bristle Brush JTW5246978JTS5246978

Tough-1 Polymar Mane Comb

Unbreakable polymar. JTW5246909

Tough-1 Portable Grooming Organizer

Heavy Nylon

Tough-1 Show Case Groom Bag

Heavy nylon with wire frame zippered opening

TWISTEEZ WIRE Horse Mane and Tail Braiding Wire

Soft and flexible plastic coated copper wire Easy to put in - and stays in Shape braids by hand - no sewing Easy to remove from braids - in seconds Will not damage mane or tail Reusable Cut with scissors or nail clippers

Vale Touch Hoof Pick

Rubberized grip hoof pick in wonderful colors. Made in England

Weaver Leather's Purple Oil

This multipurpose grooming aid is formulated for a variety of tasks from removing adhesives to rehydrating and conditioning hair and skin. Suitable for use on all livestock.

Weaver Leather's Show Comb Holder

Keep grooming tools close at hand with this bridle leather show comb holder with belt clip. This convenient holder is perfect for taking grooming tools into the show ring and eliminating awkward handles in your back pocket. Black. Measures 2-1/2" wide x 4-1/2" high.

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